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The Ancient Tibetan Civilization : Studies in Myth, Religion, And History of Tibet

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Author: Tsewang Gyalpo Arya


How interesting it is to realize that the lifestyle we live, beliefs and faith we live by and the language we converse in, all has its own distinct history of origination and how it has evolved and progressed over time to become everything present today. The book is a marvellous attempt to understand one s own civilization enlightening the path to startling revelation on 'How did Tibetan civilization came about?'.
The widely popularized Tibetan origin myth of The Monkey and the Ogress , is it really true? Did Tibet really had its first king descended from the sky? How is Tibetan scripts so similar to the Gupta Brahmi script?
This book leaves no stone unturned to fill this grey area on the dawn of Tibetan civilization and intrigues the readers to deliberate over the subject.

'The Ancient Tibetan Civilization' explicitly debunks popular mythologies, misconceptions and misinformation surrounding the origination and evolution of Tibetan civilization. - Tenzin Wangmo.

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Zhangzhung Civilization. 3. Nyatri Tsanpo The First King of Tibet. 4. King Srongtsan Gampo and His Period. 5. Tibetan Language Writing System. 6. Tonpa Shenrab Mibo and Bon Religion. 7. Buddhism in Tibet. Conclusion. Endnotes. Bibliography. Appendices. Index.