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Meditations on the Lower Tantras

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Author: Dalai Lama


A Stairway for Ascending to Tusita Buddha-field This work entitled Meditations on the Lower Tantras from the collected works of the Dalai Lamas makes no attempt to deal with the philosophical aspects of the Lower Tantras. Rather, its aim is simply to present a range of meditation manuals from the first stage of these systems. It should be noted here that most practitioners of the Higher Tantras also practice the Lower Tantras either from time to time or as a lifetime daily meditational endeavor. The First Dalai Lama, for example, a renowned practitioner of the Kalachakra Tantra, was even more famous for his applications to the Tara and Amitayus systems. Almost every Tibetan Yogi today practices a daily sadhana of one or more of the Lower Tantra deities dealt with within the covers of this work.