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Two Saiva Teachers of the Sixteenth Century Nigamajnana I and his Disci

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Author: T. Ganesan


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This book is a complete analytical study of all the oeuvres of Nigamajñ?na I and his nephew-cum-disciple Nigamajñ?na II. This study aims at bringing to limelight the great contributions made by these two teachers in the sixteenth century for the consolidation, elaboration and propagation of the ?aivasiddh?nta religious system and philosophical doctrines. For the first time the contents of all the available texts of these two ?aiva teachers in Sanskrit and Tamil, of which many are unpublished, are completely and critically analysed with a view to fully bring out the richness of these texts in their totality and their value in the propagation of ?aivasiddh?nta during one of the most crucial periods in Indian history.