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My Sapphire Hued Lord My Beloved

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Author: Suganya Anandakichenin


This book is a complete annotated translation of a 9th-century Tamil bhakti poetic work known as the Perum?? Tirumo?i, by Kulac?kara ??v?r, as well as of its medieval ?r?vai??ava commentary in Sanskrit-Tamil Ma?iprav??am by Periyav?cc?? Pi??ai (13th c.). The Perum?? Tirumo?i is now part of the Tamil ?r?vai??ava canon called the N?l?yira tivviya pirapantam (N?l?yira Divyaprabandham, or ‘The Four Thousand Divine Compositions’), and is composed of ten decades dedicated to different forms of Vi??u. This book also includes an introduction, which seeks to find out who Kulac?kara ??v?r really was, given his mysterious – and often disputed – identity.