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Himalayan region

The Ambassador's Dog

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Author: Written by Scott H. DeLisi, Illustrated by Jane Lillian Vance


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About the Book:

The Ambassador’s Dog is a story of the magic of unexpected connections on a trail in Upper Mustang in Nepal. It is the tale of a small pup, with no name, and no family, who entrusted his dreams to the winds that swirled from the peaks of the high Himalaya and about the man to whom the winds carried the dreams and planted them silently in his heart.

Today, Lo Khyi lives in Haymarket, Virginia - far from his birthplace in Tsarang in Upper Mustang. He still has the spirit of an adventurer and still engages all he meets reminding them that dreams can come true and that there is courage and compassion and hope to be found in the world if our hearts are open to seeing them.