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Himalayan region


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Author: Michael McLaughlin, Tatiana Havryliuk, August Johnson McLaughlin, Julie Ramirez


Musa Masala is a story of a brave orphan girl who's influenced by the hardships of the Nepalese herdsmen and their yaks over the treacherous Himalayan passes. She moves outside of her comfort zone, from living a happy and carefree life in Namche bazaar, to discovering the himalayas. During her adventure she meets many friends, who wouldn't only help her in her journey but also would teach her life lessons and become friends for life. The adventure makes her more compassionate and more determined to help the needy either by carrying the loads of porters or by becoming a doctor in future to treat the sick and injured.


The book also briefly describes all the important places in the everest region, trekking gears, nepalese cuisines, to help the readers know the culture and the landscape about the place better.