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Precious Treasury of Pith Instructions

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Author: Longchenpa


This work is the shortest of the renowned Seven Treasuries set of texts by Longchenpa and is the only one composed entirely in verse. Writing as a spiritual mentor giving advice to his students, Longchenpa distills the principles underlying the entire range of Buddhist practice in 400 stanzas, each consisting of six instructions or pieces of advice. Although the later stanzas place greater emphasis on the Dzogchen approach, introductory teachings and advice are interspersed throughout the book with profound instructions on the nature of being itself and the ultimate level of truth. Longchenpas uncompromising tone reflects his commitment to the highest realization and to the welfare of those inspired by his message. Patrul Rinpoche exhorts us to read the Precious Treasury of Pith Instructions: "Summarized in groups of six, the perfect treasury of sacred Dharma distills the heart essence of all pith instructions. Even if you were to meet the actual Victorious One, wouldnt it be hard to hear teachings on such an excellent path all at once?