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A Compendium of the Mahayana, Asangas Mahayanasamgraha and its Indian and Tibetan Commentaries

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Author: Karl Brunnhoizl


The Mah?y?nasamgraha, published here with its Indian and Tibetan commentaries in three volumes, presents virtually everything anybody might want to know about the Yog?c?ra School of mah?y?na Buddhism. It discusses in detail the nature and operation of the eight kinds of consciousness, the often-misunderstood notion of “mind only” (cittam?tra), dependent origination, the cultivation of the path and its fruition in terms of the four wisdoms, and the three bodies (k?yas) of a buddha.

Volume 1 presents the translation of the Mah?y?nasamgraha along with a commentary by Vasubandhu. The introduction gives an overview of the text and its Indian and Tibetan commentaries, and explains in detail two crucial elements of the Yog?c?ra view: the ?laya-consciousness and the afflicted mind (klistamanas).

Volume 2 presents translations of the commentary by Asvabh?va and an anonymous Indian commentary on the first chapter of the text. These translations are supplemented in the endnotes by excerpts from Tibetan commentaries and related passages in other Indian and Chinese Yog?c?ra works.

Volume 3 includes appendices with excerpts from other Indian and Chinese Yog?c?ra texts and supplementary materials on major Yog?c?ra topics in the Mah?y?nasamgraha.