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HANUMANDHOKA Doorway to Nepal's History and Culture

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Author: Government of Nepal, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation


All the effort that has gone into preserving the built, cultural and natural heritage of the Hanumandhoka museum complex and all the adjoining areas are bearing fruit because they serve as a time travelling machine for us all to understand Nepal. Hanumandhoka is a door (dhoka) to our common future; and many of the critical political and cultural events that have shaped present day Nepal continue to be played out in the beautiful buildings, temples, courtyards, ponds and monuments. Each has a story to tell about our past and give us insights for our future.

Once. more and more people understand the true value of Hanumandhoka, it will become easier to manage, conserve and protect this World Heritage Site. This is also a good time to recognize and thank all the people who built, managed preserved and continue to take care of this unique piece of Nepali history. From coronations to massacres, from water systems to building techniques, from government institutions to traditional festivals, Hanumandhoka is witness to all.

Hanumandhoka will open our minds and provide a truly "life time experience" Let us walk gently and ensure we take care of this site so that all future generations can learn from, take pride in and collectively continue to build a Nepal that we all seek.