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Myth and Memory: Untold Stories of Bhutan

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Author: Tshering Tashi


Tshering Tashi's new book. Myth and Memory, is a collection of 67 absorbing articles on unwritten historical and cultural aspects of Bhutan.the author has managed to skillfully combine the journalist's eye for the unusual with the historian's eye for context. Every piece is brought to life by revealing pictures, including rare ones from India Office Library, British Library in London, Which the author had access to. 

The stories, which are of an average newspaper story's length, dwell on colorful myths and memories that define Bhutan and are a constant source of fascination for the Bhutanese and foreigner's alike. One's rational mind cannot escape being challenged by the myths of the sword that rides on the wind, the speakung statues, and realised Buddhist masters who can travel long distances by riding on the wind. Bhutan is believed to have only a few swords that rides on the wind or Lungdri Chem (RlungGriChanm) just as the monks who can ride Needrup Zangpo, Editor, Bhutan Observer.