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Meaning of Life, Buddhist Perspectives on Cause and Effect

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Author: Dalai Lama


Each of us struggles with the existential questions of meaning, purpose, and responsibility. In The Meaning of Life, the Dalai Lama examines these questions from the Buddhist perspective, skillfully guiding us to a clearer understanding that can liberate us from the prison of selfishness and suffering. The Dalai Lama bases his explanations on the Buddhas teachings of dependent arising, showing how every aspect of our suffering -- unhappiness, pain, even old age and death -- is ultimately rooted in our misunderstanding of our true nature. Through detailed discussion and lively questions-and-answers, the teachings of the Meaning of Life address the myriad challenges we may meet daily -- dealing with aggression from both within and without; facing illness and helping someone who is dying; expanding our capacity to feel love for all beings; and reconciling personal responsibliity with the doctrine of selflessness -- all suffused with the Dalai Lamas incomparable intelligence, wit, and kindness.