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Gelug/Kagyu Tradition of Mahamudra

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Author: Dalai Lama


Mahamudra, the great sealing nature, refers to systems of meditation on both the conventional and ultimate natures of the mind. These have been transmitted through the Kagyu, Sakya and Gelug traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. Within the Gelug, mahamudra teachings occur in a combined Gelug/Kagyu tradition, exemplified in the First Panchen Lamas Root Text for the Precious Gelug/Kagyu Tradition of Mahamudra . The work presented here contains two brilliant commentaries by the Dalai Lama. The first is a teaching based directly on the First Panchen Lamas root text. In the second, His Holiness bases his discussion on the First Panchen Lamas own commentary to this text. The book opens with an overview of mahamudra by Alexander Berzin that discusses the relation of mind, appearances and reality and offers practical techniques for overconing problems of excessive worry, anxiety and disturbirlg thought. This treasury of practical instruction contains extensive teachings on the nature of mind, the development of shamata, sutra and tantra levels of rnahamudra, and the compatibility of dzogchen and anuttarayoga tantra.