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Product ID: 9789390679096
Book Name: All Roads Lead North : Nepal's Turn to China
Author Name: Amish Raj Mulmi
Price: USD 15

‘By a deft combination of long-range historical perspective and scrupulous reportage, Mulmi turns the searchlight on Nepal’s ties with Tibet and China. His tightly crafted narrative and argument revises much of the received wisdom on the recent trajectory of Nepal's foreign relations. This book should be required reading for everyone in New Delhi dealing with Nepal and for anyone interested in understanding China's growing footprint in the subcontinent.’

-Srinath Raghavan, author of The Most Dangerous Place:…

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Product ID: 9789937072717
Book Name: The Restoration of the Krishna Temple Patan - Nepal 2015 - 2018
Author Name: Neeta Das
Price: USD 25

A joint Project of Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust (KVPT) and the Government of Nepal - Department of Archaelogy (DoA)

Table of Contents

01 Foreword
07 Introduction
09 Chapter 1 - Historical Background
19 Chapter 2 - Condition Assessment for Restoration
31 Chapter 3 - Conservation Planning and Management
61 Chapter 4 - Structual commentary
77 Chapter 5 - Structural Restoration
105 Chapter 6 - Material Conservation Restoration

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Product ID: 9789937082129
Book Name: Panauti : Past and Present
Author Name: Gerard Toffin , Photographs by Gerard Toffin and Prasant Shrestha
Price: USD 30
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Product ID: 9789937597692
Book Name: Nepal Earthquake
Author Name: Photographs by Kevin Bubriski
Price: USD 60

Texts from Prawin Adhikari, Anil Chitrakar, Muna Gurung, Tsering D Gurung, Niranjan Kunwar, Smita Magar, Pramod Mishra, Prayana SJB Rana, Avishek Shrestha, Rabi Thapa, Kesang Tseten, Prateebha Tuladhar

Foreword by Manjushree Thapa

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Product ID: 9789937624053
Book Name: Empowering Dalits Through Knowledge
Author Name: Eds: Tulsi Ram Pandey , Tika Ram gautam , Madhusudan Subedi
Price: USD 15

It is most welcome to have this stimulating collection of essays on the Dalits, the most underprivileged and discriminated caste/class in Nepali society. Written by academics and social activists, these well-researched essays challenge our thoughts and actions. The essays deal with a phenomenon that is at once harsh and cruel and yet enigmatically elusive and persistent. This book deserves a wide readership from among those interested in inequality and social change in Nepal today.
                                                                                                    - Kedar Bhakta Mathema,…

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Product ID: 9789937624060
Book Name: Practices of Sociology in Nepal
Author Name: Editors: Pranab Kharel , Gaurab KC
Price: USD 15

Sociology and anthropology in Nepal have so far shrugged off identifying its Nepali identity. One of the reasons for this lackluster is Nepali practitioners’ relentless reliance on the west. The cookie-cutter approach of disciplinary history writing tradition is so worn out that competing perspectives and alternative narratives are still sparse. The Practices of Sociology in Nepal is both a representative and reflective dialogue that analytically submerges into the sociology ‘of’ and ‘on’ Nepal. In assessing and reassessing Nepali sociology and…

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Product ID: 9789937624077
Book Name: An Alternative Development Paradigm for Nepal
Author Name: Madhukar SJB Rana
Price: USD 15

Nepal's eminent public intellectual and Former Finance Minister Madhukar SJB Rana's remarkable writings and policy works had the guiding influence on Nepal's policymaking, his book "An Alternative Development Paradigm for Nepal" is a treasure trove as a single document to understand about the country's crucial development profile and fundamentals. covering almost all the aspects of Nepal and South Asia's priorities, the book is uniquely rich and deserves a wide-readership and long shelf-life. 

Th book is also important…

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Product ID: 9789937624084
Book Name: Castleford to Kathmandu : Poems in progress...
Author Name: Greta Rana
Price: USD 6

Celebrated Anglo-Nepali writer Greta Rana’s short collection of poems is a selection that has never been published previously. The author began to put them together in late 2007 out of the scraps of notes she found in Castleford and Kathmandu after her father died. A fair number of the poems are about loss and about conflict. The reason for the title is straightforward. In the past of the author’s home town, she had seen many commonalities with the situation in Nepal and some of its people. Nepal never had the distinction of being a…

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Product ID: 9789937733007
Book Name: Himalayan Farming : Traditions and skills in Nepal, Sikkim, and Pakistan
Author Name: Fritz Berger
Price: USD 45

This book offers a fascinating inside look at the farming traditions in some of the highest mountain ranges on earth, capturing both continuity and change in mountain farming systems. These timeless images and insightful descriptions offer the reader glimpses of the lives of mountain people who have dedicated their lives to producing food for sustenance in a raw and challenging environment. Through their activities, these farmers have shaped and preserved their landscape as cultural heritage, helping to protect landscape values…

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