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The Journey of The Goddess Durga: India, Java, and Bali

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Author: Ni Wayan Pasek Ariati


Written by a Balinese historian this volume traces the long journey of images of within India in the 1st millennium CE and then the long evolution of these images in Java and Bali beginning c.700 CE in the Early Mataram kingdom of ancient Java. In addition to being a historical study this volume also documents the author's personal journey. Raised in a rural village of Bali, the author experienced images of Durga as an awe-inspiring and terrifying goddess renowned as the patroness of the black arts. During a two-year period of work and study in India (2001-2003) the author was exposed to images of the goddess Durga that depict her as a beautiful warrior goddess who protects the community of her worshippers. This work grows out of the author's experience of seeking to understand historical factors that led to the stark contrast of images of Durga that we see when comparing contemporary India and Bali.