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Drung, Deu and Bon

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Author: Professor Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche


Drung, Deu and Bon offers a rare opportunity to explore pro-Buddhist Tibetan culture, presented within the three categories commonly described as the foundation of the kingdom of Tibet-drung(narrations), due(symbolic languages), and the Bon tradition. In this important work, Prof. Namkhai Norbu begins by investigating the epic poems and legends of Tibets secular culture. He then turns his attention to the musteries of the ancient symbolic languages that conveyed wisdom inexpressible in conventional terms; and he concludes by elucidating the complexities of the pre-Buddist Bon religion in the context of its 12 lores or sentences. This fascinating book sheds new light on the ancient and authentic wisdom of Tibet, in the process revealing its influence upon the historical and cultural continuity of the Tibetan people.